Tool Tip: Corn Thing-ie

What do you call this?

A de-corner? A kernel scraper? An ever-so-official corn kernel-removing tool? A corn doo-hickey? A corn thing-a-ma-jig?

Call it what you like, it doesn't work.

It came from a small-town hardware store, one of those places where all of life's necessities are found. I figured it must be one.

So there it was in the drawer. It was the do-or-die moment of utility-or-uselessness.

Place the ring over the ear, starting at the tip. Then scrape downward. Theoretically, the tool-thingie will adjust to the thickening of the cob. It does, sort of.

But the net is that after using this, I still had to get out the knife to remove lots or remaining kernels.

And besides: it was taking up room in an already crowded utentil drawer AND it was murder to clean.

Off it goes to the church rummage sale. Maybe for a quarter, someone'll love it.
Alanna Kellogg
Alanna Kellogg

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  1. AnonymousJune 19, 2012

    I use this corn-a-ma-thingy all the time! I love it. For me it makes stripping corn a quick job. To get it to work properly you have to squeeze it very tightly over the thin top of the cob to start it, and then push forcefully down while letting up squeezing pressure as the cob gets wider. I get a clean cob every time. I found that practice makes perfect with the amount of pressure needed to keep the thing cutting close to the cob and all the way down.

  2. Anonymous ~ Hey, that's great, really! Your tips make it seem like a useful tool, for sure. Unfortunately, my did indeed go to the church rummage sale. Thanks for letting me know!


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