Day 110: Portobellos Broiled in Balsamic Dressing

Still cleaning out the frig ... yields a decent sandwichYup. These are mushrooms still leftover from way back on Day 98 (portobellos sure last longer than buttons, these were still fat and happy) and broiled in the dressing from Day 108.

Warm from the broiler and tangy with vinaigrette, they tasted good next to the creamy avocado (also leftover), sliced tomatoes (perfectly good!) and a thin layer of the mayonnaise mix from Day 106.

And the leftover mushrooms? Yup. They're the latest additions to leftover leftover-soup, that is, yesterday's Saturday Soup.

This, too, shall end.

But my frig is sure lookin' good!
Alanna Kellogg
Alanna Kellogg

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