Day 88: Artichoke & Pepper Grilled Cheese ♥

Artichoke & Pepper Grilled Cheese
Today's vegetable sandwich recipe: A grilled cheese sandwich, with artichokes and roasted peppers.

~recipe & photo updated & reposted 2012~
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2005: Okay, okay. I admit it. I'm still drooling over the eggplant sandwiches from Day 86 so when I saw this recipe, also from my cousin Laura, there was no NOT making it.

And once again — wow, very good. And it sure hit the spot on a cool day when the remnants of Hurricane Dennis continue to soak eastern Missouri with much-welcome moisture.

The trick, I think, is the mustard, which adds a note of depth to the vegetables. I used canned artichokes and jarred red peppers so these sandwiches were quick-quick-quick from inspiration to table.

Another great trick for all grilled cheese sandwiches, is the use of cooking spray, tonight, butter-flavored Pam. I had NO idea it would work so well. Now if only the bread and the cheese were calorie-free, too!

PS Since I'm no fan of artichokes, this may be their first/last appearance here in the Veggie Venture. Eat 'em up!

2012 UPDATE Another trick, be sure to use a good melting cheese. For the record, cotija is not a good melting cheese. Another update? More artichoke recipes.


Active time: 5 minutes
Time to table: 10 minutes
Makes 1 sandwich but easily multipled

Cooking spray
2 slices good bread
Good mustard (Laura suggest Dijon, I used a favorite Finnish mustard)
A light covering of shredded cheddar cheese
1 - 2 canned artichoke hearts, sliced
1 jarred red pepper, cut to fit bread slice

Spray a large skillet with cooking spray and heat on MEDIUM. While pan heats, spread mustard on bottom bread slice, then layer on cheese, artichoke hearts and red pepper. With a spatula, carefully transfer to skillet (it should sizzle). Add the top slice, spray it with cooking spray. Press the sandwich with the spatula, compressing the contents. Grill about 2 minutes a side, pressing occasionally. Enjoy!

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Alanna Kellogg
Alanna Kellogg

A Veggie Venture is home of "veggie evangelist" Alanna Kellogg and the famous asparagus-to-zucchini Alphabet of Vegetables.