Day 75: Spinach with Cottage Cheese & Canned Beets

Always! Always! Always! have a backup ...If I've learned one lesson in nearly 11 weeks, it's this: if you're committed to eating vegetables (or by extension, more healthfully) you've got to have a backup plan, something that takes no thinking, no time, no cooking.

When I finally came inside well after dark last night, even 15 minutes of knives and skillets seemed unfathomable effort.

Maybe that new pizza place? I strategized.

I'll cook two vegetables tomorrow, I justified. Really, I promised.

Sure you will, my vegetable conscience countered.

But I DID have a backup, a couple of cans of beets in the pantry.

So supper was simple yes, just some spinach and cottage cheese and beets. It was plenty. It took all of two minutes to throw together. It was delicious - as Nana said so often, hunger is the best sauce.

Always, always, always: have a backup.
Alanna Kellogg
Alanna Kellogg

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