Day 354: Wilted Asian Cabbage

[Hmmm. Does that slaw look like broccoli rabe to you? Me either. Day 354 was supposed to be a last March broccoli rabe contribution with a final running round--up. The bad news is that the store was out. The good news is that the produce manager says it's flying off the shelves - she can't keep enough in! Watch for something rapini-rabe-ish in a few days!] Fast and light! It's a good combination. It's Napa cabbage, wilted with a bit of water in a hot skillet, and a soy-ginger-vinegar dressing. NEXT TIME ... I'd drain the leftover water from the pan before mixing the wilted cabbage with the dressing. I'd add "something else" ... green onion, toasted sesame seeds, red pepper flake, perhaps. NUTRITION NOTES ... Another low-carb, low-calorie, low-point vegetable! WILTED ASIAN CABBAGE Bookmark or print this recipe only Hands-on time: 5 minutes! Time to table: 8 minutes! Serves 4 Splash of water 4 cups thin-sliced Napa cabbage ? Green onion ? Mushrooms 1 ta

Kitchen Parade Extra: Quick Supper: Crockpot Chicken Goulash ◄

There are days when it's the drive-through or the crockpot, nothing in between. If that describes your day (or your life!), try the plain, tasty fare of Crockpot Chicken Goulash , featured in this week's Kitchen Parade column. It's the latest in Kitchen Parade's Quick Supper series, dishes specially selected to be easy on the budget, the clock, the waistline and the dishwasher. (c) Copyright 2006 Kitchen Parade

Day 353: Tuna Salad Vegged Up ◄

It's a simple idea: if you want to eat more vegetables, start by adding chopped veggies to whatever you're already making. Soup. Stews. Rice . Even burgers . I call it "vegging up". Why? Well there's the eat-more-veggies reason. And the eat-more-veggies-than-meat reason. And the eat-more-fiber reason. And the feed-more-mouths reason. And the using-up-bits-of-leftover-vegetables reason. And the end-of-the-month-budget reason. And ... and ... and ... Me, all those apply. But mostly there's the it-just-tastes-good reason. KITCHEN NOTES ... Work toward a 1:1 ratio of vegetables and tuna/meat. While mayo is the typical binding in tuna salad, today I experimented with fat-free Italian dressing: VERY good. Good bread makes a difference. TUNA SALAD VEGGED UP Hands-on time: 10 minutes Time to table: 10 minutes Makes enough for 4 - 6 sandwiches Cooked tuna (I'm becoming partial to the vacuum-sealed bags ...) Carrot Celery Radish Onion ALANNA's TIPS Whe

Day 352: Insalata di Finocchio aka Fennel Salad ♥

An old-fashioned Italian salad, a classic, just a quick chop-chop of crisp, wet fennel and creamy cooked egg. Low Carb. Weight Watchers Friendly & Freestyle Friendly. Vegetarian. Naturally Gluten Free. Whole30 Friendly. Skip Straight to the Recipe Today's vegetable comes from my father's companion Olga, who was born in Russia but lived in Italy with her Italian husband Giulio until coming to the United States. At Olga's, "Italian" is the house cuisine even if Russian is the accent at the dinner table! Olga coached me through this quick side salad made with fresh fennel (also called "anise") and hard-boiled eggs. It's very good! This recipe is so quick and easy that I'm adding it to a growing collection of easy summer recipes published all summer long ever since 2009 at Kitchen Parade, my food column. With a free Kitchen Parade e-mail subscription , you'll never miss a one!

Day 351: Roasted Carrots & Mushrooms with Thyme ♥

Today's simple vegetable recipe: Chunks of carrots roasted with fresh mushrooms. Weight Watchers friendly! Low carb! Not just vegan, " Vegan Done Real ". ~recipe & photo updated 2008 & 2014~ ~ more recently updated recipes ~ ORIGINAL POST 2006: Day after day, other food blogs inspire! Today it was Kalyn's Kitchen's great-looking roasted carrots and mushrooms . They were GREAT! Even my dad, who's so-so about carrots, admits they were "okay". For the record, that would be a compliment – he ate every single bite! I followed Kalyn's recipe except that I used: a whole pound of real carrots! the kind you peel and cut into chunks. The pre-peeled carrots marketed as 'baby carrots' aren't baby carrots at all, just huge humongous carrots formed into carrot-bullet shapes. They're fine for eating raw but have little flavor when cooked. Just 1 tablespoon oil. In the last year, I've learned that the trick for using LESS OI

Day 350: Gypsy Pot ♥
Every-Day Ingredients in Uncommon Combination

Today's hearty vegetable recipe: A concept recipe, happy with addition and subtractions based on what's on hand and what's in season. Weight Watchers Friendly. Easily made vegetarian or Not just vegan, " Vegan Done Real ". ~recipe & photo updated 2014~ ~ more recently updated recipes ~ Original 2006: I fell in love with the name, Gypsy Pot. I swooned over the everyday ingredients in uncommon combination. In short order, I moved to the kitchen to begin the peeling and chopping for a somehow completely familiar and yet altogether new soup that is a Gypsy Pot. It's earthy peasant food and something sublimely sophisticated both at once. The inspiration comes from The Traveler's Lunchbox , whose own inspiration comes from Anya von Bremzen's The New Spanish Table . NEXT TIME This isn't a soup to start when you're in a rush, instead one to savor the experience of cutting and chopping and cooking. It takes 20 minutes alone to peel a &^%&a

Day 349: Fragrant Orange Beetroot Salad ◄

This delicious beet salad comes with lessons. Roasting beets is efficient! Up front, invest five minutes in prep, then unattended time in the oven. Once the beets're roasted, it's one quick salad after another. (The last one was only just on Day 347 . ) Fragrance doesn't roast in (as attempted Day 346 ). But it's easy to add later. This salad is scented with orange but lemon and lime would be good too. Well-organized bookmarks take some discipline. But when you've got cooked beets and 30 minutes til supper's expected, no worries if your bookmarks have a folder for "beets", better yet, one for "beets" and another for "cooked beets". This beet recipe comes from The Flying Apple, posted way back in October. It's easy, it's good. Thank you, Angelika, for making supper's vegetable such a breeze! Start your bookmarking now! Bookmark or print this recipe only File it in Vegetables / Beets Cooked. FROM THE AR