Cauliflower Refrigerator Pickles ♥

So if we have Those Pink Potatoes and That Pink Salad, why not These Pink Cauliflower Refrigerator Pickles?

Actually, the pink here is entirely optional. I hoped to capture the beautiful radish color (pink and purple and magenta from Easter Egg radishes -- thanks to reader Snowpea for the identification! Instead, like a stray red sock that gets into a load of white, the cauliflower 'sheets' turned pink. Oh well! They 'sleep' just fine.

I will remember to strain the hot liquid before pouring it over the blanched cauliflower. That, I suspect, will eliminate some of the cloudiness that would be especially apparent if it weren't for the pink color. I will plan ahead to match the vegetable and herb/flavor with more care. I'm not sure cauliflower and ginger are a hot match. But carrots and ginger? That would be good. I will double the sugar for a less sour result.

FROM THE ARCHIVES For more cauliflower recipes, see the Recipe Box. There are cucumbers, peppers…

Kitchen Parade Extra: Those Pink Potatoes ♥

From this week's Kitchen Parade column:

"Summers back, friends hosted a backyard potluck, convening spirited folk from the different corners of their lives. The midsummer night was steamy, the kids rambunctious, the trees a rainbow of colored light, the Jimmy Buffet dulcet. Food-wise, the talk of the party was the ‘pink potatoes’ ..."

What makes potatoes pink? For the rest of the column and the recipe for Those Pink Potatoes and That Pink Salad (a family favorite with an addictive bite), read this week's Kitchen Parade column.

SO WHAT IS KITCHEN PARADE, EXACTLY? Kitchen Parade is the food column that my Mom started writing for our family newspaper when I was a baby. Today it's published in my hometown newspapers in suburban St. Louis and features 'fresh seasonal recipes for every-day healthful eating and occasional indulgences'.

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How to Use a Japanese Mandoline (Benriner)

For a couple of years now, I've experimented with various mandoline-type slicing tools, including several hand-held ones (this one actually works but it was a freebie my sister received in the mail) and a couple of $30 - $50 'sliding slicers'.

Finally, I found the one I love! (Thanks to Karen from FamilyStyle Food for the recommendation!) It's a Japanese-style benriner, some times called a Japanese mandoline (or mandolin) or an Asian mandoline (or mandolin), some times called a V-Slicer.

Me, I call it extraordinarily handy in the kitchen, especially for transforming raw vegetables into perfectly thin and perfectly versions of themselves -- often this makes them edible (and enjoyable) uncooked, but for cooking small size means fast cooking.

In 2005, it was a technique for aggressively trimming broccoli that was 'life transforming' - at least the vegetable area of my life! In 2007, it's the Benriner that allows two of my four tips for transforming mundane vege…

Beet Pesto ♥

Today's Unusual Pesto Recipe: Pesto made from beets, with no added fat and piles of flavor and color. You might call this pesto, you might call it a beet spread or a beet appetizer. But I'm willing to bet, you will call it delicious!
~recipe & photo updated 2012~
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2007 ORIGINAL POST A special welcome to the CSA shareholders at Wolf Pine Farm in Alfred, Maine, serving Portland and the surrounding area. This is a big week for shareholders: the season's much-awaited first deliveries! (For faithful A Veggie Venture readers: What is Wolf Pine Farm? It's a Community-Supported Agriculture/CSA farm whose members buy 'shares' in exchange for weekly deliveries of glorious fresh vegetables, herbs and flowers throughout an entire season.)

In 2007, Wolf Pine Farm, Maine food blogger StephenCooks and A Veggie Venture join forces to provide easy access to vegetable recipes. Each week, a special Wolf Pine Farm page will list the week's sh…

Fresh Green Bean Salad with Asian Dressing ♥

Today's gorgeous summer salad recipe: A re-invention of that old picnic favorite, the green bean salad. Here, start with fresh green beans, toss them in an Asian-inspired dressing, then top with soy-glazed nuts. Vegan. Delicious!
On Saturday, my street had its first neighborhood potluck in 16 years. On a decidedly steamy and buggy Missouri afternoon, we gathered in a back yard to meet newcomers and greet long-timers. Many thanks to Ed, Molly and Ellen for making it happen!

(All very neighborly, Alanna, but for the rest of us, what about the food?) Right. The food!

My contribution was a green bean salad made from fresh green beans, a welcome "whole vegetable" contrast to bowls of box-store creamy coleslaw and gloppy potato salad. My neighbors' unsolicited comments demonstrate how distinct the individual flavors remain, even as they meld together for something quite unusual:

"We loooove cilantro!"
"I taste sesame oil!"
"Oh the garlic!"…

Lemon Mint Cucumber Water ♥

One of the basic tenets of Weight Watchers is to make sure to get enough to drink. So I make it a habit when I take a five-minute move-a-bit break every hour or so, to drink a glass of water. The tap water here is good so there's no need to 'doctor' it except for a little variation. And I'm liking this water -- just slices of lemon and cucumber and mint -- but some times, just cucumber too.

FROM THE ARCHIVES Drinks are rare here -- we need to fix that! My favorite is the cucumber lemonade served when Nupur of One Hot Stove and her husband visited for the first time while on a house-hunting trip. There are piles of cucumber recipes in the Recipe Box.

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First Tomatoes! ♥

Get out the champagne! (Or perhaps more fittingly, just a glass of cold water ...)

Slow down. Sit back. Savor. And do enjoy ...

And please forgive my silliness. I was just so pleased to see the first home-grown, vine-ripened and just-picked tomatoes at the Wednesday market last night!

This is the third year to celebrate perfect summer tomatoes -- yes I really do keep a special section for recipes that absolutely call for summer's best tomatoes!

In the first year, I discovered My First Panzanella("How did I get to be ?? years old without panzanella? All those wasted years!?"). In the second year, it was a recipe for gazpacho that sent me over the top ("all about the flavor of wonderful local tomatoes ..."). Now at the start of the third year, what shall it be ... ideas, anyone?

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